Mold development and Plastic injection molding

BDL Company

BDL is a relevant economic reality that through the Industrial development process of plastic materials, contributes to the social and economic expansion as well as to the cultural development of its own employees, with an eye to the environment.
Since 1977 BDL produces injection molds, and the constant search for high quality led to a flexible and dynamic structure. Thanks to our know-how we are able to offer to each customer a customized solution according to their needs.
Our full service, includes a qualified and continuous assistance, starting from the planning, until the product delivery.
BDL differs from the others for its technological research and investments and for its desire to understand and to anticipate both needs and products required by more and more demanding market.
The experience matured in the branches such as the Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Cardiac Surgery, Packaging, Cosmetic art industry, Analysis, has reinforced our ability to achieve new productive goals in accordance with all our Customers’ satisfaction.

Mold department

The various working steps in the mold department: Milling, Turning, EDM, Grinding, Lapping, Assembling, Testing are accurately checked by the BDL engineers. Computerized numerical control workstations for steelwork guarantee the absolute reliability of BDL product, which goes beyond the quality standards of its industrial sector.

Molding department

BDL department for plastic injection molding, thanks to its thorough organization and productive potential, has been constantly growing for many years. All the injection machines starting from 100 to 370 tons, the Cartesian coordinate robots, reorganizers and highly experienced workers, apart from molding any type of plastic part, help manufacturing a wide range of backing pads for flap discs, also customized.

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