Plastic Injection Molding

Services for plastic material and fiber glass backing pads

An added value certifying the quality of the backing pads manufactured by BDL: apart from bringing new technology and a constant control in the whole production cycle, the Partnership ed Insurance services are further guarantees of seriousness and advanced solutions a BDL.

BDL Partnership

Far-reaching is the partnership with BDL: thanks to its technological and organizational structure, it allows the customer to dramatically reduce costs, by developing a backing pads with proprietary dies, that are customized for each single production. In BDL warehouses, the dies are catalogued and stored, with the advantage of always being kept in very good conditions and ready for use.
The customer is charged with the cost of the customized dies, with a strong reduction of the initial investment. The benefits are obvious: a faster installation, as well as a lower degree of logistic management and maintenance for the dies. BDL Partnership, a very good service optimizing costs and time.

BDL Insurance

Our backing pads go beyond borders... let's insure them!
BDL insures the production of backing pads for flap discs, made from plastic and fiber glass, as required by the international laws in force. The agreement with HDI GERLING, an insurance company of global relevance, open its doors to new markets, by offering certainties and guarantees for consumer protection.

BDL Tampoprinting

A perfect customization includes also the identification of the backing pad.
Guaranteeing a 360° degrees service, BDL has introduced a fully equipped tampoprinting department that allows Customers to customize the purchased backing pads at their own discretion.