Mold Maker

Plastic injection mold maker

BDL has specialized in plastic mold making for more than 40 years.
The various working steps in the mold department: Milling, Turning, EDM, Grinding, Lapping, Assembling, Testing are accurately checked by the BDL engineers. Computerized numerical control workstations for steelwork guarantee the absolute reliability of BDL product, which goes beyond the quality standards of its industrial sector.
Analysis and test on product manufacturing carried out by BDL engineers absolutely comply with the planning specifications.
During the lapping step, BDL is able to work out any kind of problems thanks to the skills of the craftsman, who perfectly merges with the latest generation technologies.
The final mold assembling is the most delicate step of the whole manufacturing process; you can see that by observing the aseptic level of the room dedicated to this working phase.
At BDL, the possibility to test molds, allows to check the mold performance and the product quality. During the pre-production step, it provides precise informations about the moulding parameters, this allows a considerable economic saving for the customer during the start-up phase.
On request it is possible to certify the product testing phase and follow the maintenance. When necessary, the installation is followed by BDL’s engineers directly at customers production plant, either in Italy or abroad.

BDL, full service in mold making

To complete the molds manufacturing process, BDL assists its own products during the life cycle, BDL giving a full service to its customers. Time and use consume the molds, at this point BDL introduces the restoring technologies and the technical experience to recuperate and renovate this property.
Maintenance is carried out inside on BDL molds and on moulds manufactured by third party.
Laser welding is carried out by specialized operators, it allows to leave the mechanical features unchanged.
Threads grinding is carried out thanks to a special equipment planned and realized by BDL.
On request BDL is able to issue a Certification Report of dimensions of a particular or a mold, through an optical viewer tool or with a feeler pin applied to the measurement device Quick Vision, of MITUTOYO.
Laser welding
Threads grinding
Certification report