Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding service

BDL department for plastic injection molding, thanks to its thorough organization and productive potential, has been constantly growing for many years.
All the presses injection machines starting from 90 to 400 tons, the Cartesian coordinate robots, the reorganizers and the highly experienced workers, apart from molding any type of plastic part, help manufacturing a wide range of backing pads for flap discs, also customized.
BDL molding process grants the full tracing of the product because every production step is controlled and scheduled in every sections and in this way we can guarantee an IDENTITY to our product. In addition to supplying backing pads for abrasive discs in different packaging types (in stack, in bulk packed in various dimension boxes and weight) BDL can satisfy every needs to CUSTOMIZE the product by studying and projecting new models both for professional and hobbies sectors.
Each customer is considered as a trusted and valued partner; therefore BDL, thanks to its know-how and the high-level technology of its own structures, takes care of planning and manufacturing any kind of thermoplastic object. This interestiong service allow customers to identify and diversify their own products, in order to strengthen their presence on the market.

Backing pads for flap discs, an added value.

Thanks to the service completeness, BDL stands out from the competition: BDL Partnership shared investiment dramatically reduces costs, by manufacturing proprietary dies that are customized for each single production. The dies are catalogued, stored and kept in very good conditions and ready for use. BDL offers the platform to the customer, who only has to choose the design and the cost of manufacturing the dies. The benefits are obvious: a faster installation, as well as a lower degree of logistic management and maintenance for the dies. BDL Partnership, a very good service optimizing costs and time.

International insurance cover.
BDL insures the production of backing pads for flap discs, made from plastic and fiber glass, as required by the international laws in force. BDL Insurance, an agreement with HDI GERLING, an insurance company of global relevance, open the doors to new markets, offering certainties and guarantees for consumer protection.