Thanks to its 30 years experience in this field BDL Research and Development Division creates the EFD and NASTEX backing pads for flap discs abrasive products. Backing pads for flap discs are made of 1st choice Nylon this makes our backing pads fully respectfull of all European safety regulations, both for workers and the environment. This special Nylon, resulting from the synergie with our main raw material suppliers, consists of a 1st QUALITY BASE (NYLON 6/PA6) mixed together with special glass fiber that gives to our backing pads remarkable mechanical features also in terms of RESISTANCE to high temperature and the highest bodying coefficient between support and glue.
The severe tests carried out by BDL guarantee the maximum resistance up to 22/24.000 RPM. The high anchorage grip, possible thanks to the honeycomb frame, GRANT A GLUE SAVING UP TO 20%.